Team Building, Leadership Training & Team Fitness

At the core of RedLine Fitness is teamwork and leadership.We believe that lifting others up will help you lift yourself to a new level.  RedLine offers specific training for corporations and athletic teams looking to build camaraderie, sharpen leadership skills, and work better together. Our instructors work hard to create an environment where your team will discover their strengths and weaknesses and then learn to leverage them.

Each session is held outside and includes a briefing, focused discussions, opportunities for strategizing, collaboration, and leadership roles. Depending on your team or company's specific needs, we will adjust the physical challenge levels and will focus on specific goals that you want to accomplish. 

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*Military, law enforcement and nonprofits call for a special discount.

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RedLine Fitness Teams Up with BCGP

Bicycle coalition of greater Philadelphia joined redline fitness in a team training session to build a stronger and more cohesive organization- and it worked.