Can I Try It?

Click here to schedule your FREE class! You can join any class and workout with the team for free.

What Do I Wear?

Always be prepared for anything. It is likely you will be in grass, on sidewalks, and even on baseball fields, so please wear gloves (although they are not mandatory they are a good idea). Any type of clothing that has moisture wicking technology will help wick sweat away from your body when it's warm and will help keep you cool in hotter weather. In colder months, please layer your clothing to stay warm. If you have any questions, instructors will walk you through the appropriate clothing. 

Can I Buy a T-Shirt?

No. T-shirts are given out ONLY to members that have proved to the group and the instructors that they have "earned it"- you can "earn it" by acting selfless, being an exceptional teammate, stepping up as a leader, and keeping a positive attitude when faced with difficult challenges and obstacles.

What About Bad Weather?

We operate in almost any type of weather. The only time class is cancelled is when the wind chill is 0 degrees F or below, icy road conditions, or if lightening strikes. E-mail and text message alerts are sent from HQ immediately if a class is cancelled. 

When Are Classes?

All classes are weekdays Monday - Friday and begin at 5:45 AM. Please be 5 minutes early.

What If I Have an Old Injury?

Please notify an instructor of any old injuries, disabilities, allergies, or anything that could affect your well-being or the well-being of others on your team. This does not limit you from taking part but it allows our instructors to ensure the safety of every member. 

How Do I Get the Schedule?

Class schedules and locations are sent via e-mail and the mobile app weekly.

What Should I Expect?

No 2 workouts are the same so expect a kicka** workout and a unique experience. It doesn't matter what level fitness you are - show up with an open mind, positive attitude, and the willingness to push yourself. You can expect the workout to start promptly at 5:45 AM. Workouts incorporate running, climbing, crawling, calisthenics, teamwork, leadership and a few other fun things. You can expect to get a little dirty and sweaty.

Where Are the Workout Locations?

All workout locations are within Fairmount Park, Philadelphia PA. Below are maps of each location, and don't worry - Head Quarters will send you detailed directions to each location when you sign up for your FREE class or Membership.

Click in the maps below for details.


Workout Location #1 - Waterworks Drive


Workout Location #2 - MLK Drive


Workout Location #3 - Eagle Beach


Workout Location #4 - Athletic Field


Workout Location #5 - Jungle Gym