All workout classes are M-F 5:45am- 6:45am and are held at various locations in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia PA. Currently, this is the only time slot classes are held.

The Name

"Redline" is described as the “max number of revolutions per minute for an engine." We call this... just the beginning. We’re never content and always pushing further. Our end result is to become unstoppable by not placing limits on ourselves.

The Training Methodology

We help you dig a little deeper to find your true maximum strength. Each workout is engineered to drive your mental strength and physical capabilities to somewhere new. There is no such thing as "good enough."

You can find any of the following incorporated into our workouts:

1. Body weight exercises

2. Kettle Bells

3. Battle Ropes (for slamming and climbing)

4. TRX rings

5. Tires

6. Slam balls

7. Team exercises

8. Fairmount Park’s beautiful surroundings and so much more!  

Each class is completely unique. You will never do the same workout twice. Don't worry, there is no yelling (like at some Boot-camps) - just instruction, guidance and a lot of motivation. We welcome all fitness levels - it's never too late to start.

The Locations

RedLine meets every Monday - Friday morning at 1 of 6 locations throughout Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA. Check out maps of each location here.